Tips for an experienced tourist about traveling to Kenya

If you are going to go to Kenya, take care to take into account some features of life in this country. For example, not from and to count on credit cards, since there are no ATMs everywhere.

Take a certain amount of cash with you (or remove them immediately upon arrival). Also consider that it is customary to bargain everywhere there. For example, lunch costs about ten to fifteen dollars, usually twenty souvenirs, and for more serious purchases the price can be any. For two weeks you will have about four hundred and five hundred dollars.

There is also a whole tradition of tips in Kenya. For example, a porter is customary to give one dollar for baggage, a five dollars guide – five dollars.

By the way, if you decide to go to the safari, then listen to the guide carefully. For example, you can not get out of the car in places not allotted for this and unaccompanied the guide. If you live in the National Park, then it is also forbidden to go out of the residential area without escort. Wild animals hunting is very strictly punished, so don’t even think.

Do not walk in the city one after 18.thirty. It is also worth monitoring your pockets, as they steal there very actively. Do not remove local residents without their consent and do not enter their homes without guides.

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