How to properly care for the navel of the newborn

The navel is a part of the body, which throughout life reminds us that we have once grown and developed in the tummy of our mother. With the help of the umbilical cord during pregnancy, the child received all the elements and substance he needed. The navels of children do not need care, however, for a newborn it is simply necessary. .

The navel of the newborn must be monitored, more precisely, the wound, which is located on the navel. It is formed after the child was cut the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is cut immediately after the birth of the child. A disposable bracket is applied to it. This bracket itself disappears somewhere a week after childbirth. Together with the bracket and the rest of the navel disappears. Usually the bracket disappears even when mom and child are in the hospital. And until the moment the wound heals, it is necessary to constantly care for the navel.

It is necessary to care for the wound using a three percentage of hydrogen peroxide. . You may also need a “Beneocine” powder.

Every day, morning and evening after swimming, you must do some simple actions with all the above means. You must take a place convenient for you – it is best to use a changing table, bed or any comfortable place. Before each procedure, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Put the child on the back and, slightly spreading the wound, examine it for the presence of infection in it or the process of decay.

If at the bottom of the wound you find dark bloody crusts, then do not be afraid – this is how the healing process proceeds. Just do not tear off this skin. But remember, if you notice that the skin around the navel is swollen or red, the wound is hot, there are purulent foci, the child has increased temperature – this means that there is an infection in the wound. If these signs are present, then immediately call an ambulance.

. First, you must dial the peroxide of hydrogen in the pipette and drop it to the wound. At this moment, hydrogen peroxide should be bumping and you will see foam on the wound. The remaining peroxide you must get wet with a cotton or a cotton pad. Next, we take a cotton wool, dip in green and treat the bottom of the wound and its edges with a solution of green. After the green is dried, you can safely swaddle it or put on a diaper.

Until the wound heals, bathe the child only in boiled water.

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