How regular sex life affects female health

Many women are sure that regular and active sex life will avoid any gynecological diseases. .

As a rule, the causes of hormonal failures are associated with workload at work, with constant quarrels, the absence of a permanent partner. As well as poor nutrition, nervous breakdowns and poor ecology can cause hormonal violation. Quite often, such a disease as mastopathy is directly associated with a hormonal jump in the female body. And if a woman constantly receives an orgasm during sex, this does not mean that such a disease does not threaten her, this is a simple illusion. The reason for this ailment is just associated with a malfunction in the hormonal system, since it is this system that controls the process of micro -regulation of the equilibrium of female and male sex hormones.

. But, if you see a doctor, the disease can be overcome by the traditional method of treatment. In this case, the doctor will most likely direct you to make a mammography. This is the main radiological study that can identify all breast problems. . Also, a woman has to do a blood test to diagnose the level of female hormones, namely: estrogen and prolactin. It is impossible to exclude the possibility that an additional examination will need to undergo thermography, ultrasound, pneumatic science and screening of breast tissue.

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