Venice is an amazing country that must be visited

Venice is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. This city in Northern Italy was located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The entire historical part of the city is located on separate islands of the connected channels. In the Middle Ages, the Venetian Republic, the center of which was Venice, was one of the most important states of the entire Mediterranean.

The historical center of Venice is scattered through 118 islands of the Venetian lagoon, interconnected by 150 channels. In connection with such a large number of channels, a huge number of bridges were required. There are about 400 of them, of which bridges of the late XVI century, Rialto and the “Bridge of Sighs” are especially fame for them

The world-famous Muranian glass is a product of the production of artists-crafts on the island of Murano. And the Venetian mosaic is the subject of admiration for many art lovers. Venice is also loved by tourists, for its unique features that you will not see anywhere else in the world, and the organizers of the festivals that conduct them in Venice with enviable regularity. The streets along the canals are filled with richly decorated palaces and churches. The Cathedral of St. Mark, as well as the Dage Palace, is located on the central square. Both Laguna and the city in it are included in the World Heritage List.

A little from history

Once Venice gained greatness due to the defeat of the Byzantine Empire. Having become the initiator of the IV Crusade of Constantinople, it became the main trade state, dictating its conditions to the entire Mediterranean coast. However, the heyday of Venice did not last long. Having defeated Byzantium, standing in the way of the Muslim East, Venice opened the door to Europe of Turkish expansion.

The attractions of Venice

When traveling around Venice, be sure to visit the campanil – a bell tower almost a hundred meters high. It opens from it, considered the best in Europe. From the attractions, real and the bridge of sighs, the time tower, the Cathedral of San Marco and the Church, decorated with the Renaissance style – Santa Maria Della Salyuta, the Dogee Palace, are popular with attractions.

It is impossible not to mention the beautiful large channel of Venice. Its width is from 30 meters and reaching 70, in some places, divides Venice into two parts. On the shores of the canal are picturesque palaces and the houses of ordinary Venetians.

It is worth visiting Venice to see all its beauty and ride the famous Venetian gondolas.

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