What cities to visit on the Sinai Peninsula

Many people think that the edges of the world do not exist. But this is not true! After all, where the earth is covered with the surface of the fiery sands, the very edge of the world is located … there is the wind telling the ancient Bedouin stories. This is an eternally beautiful country – Egypt.

Namely, there, on the Sinai Peninsula, there are two popular resorts: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. I would like to immediately notice that they are different services and services. Hurghada is a resort that is located near the local population. Three and four -star hotels prevail there. There, of course, there are, both entertainment programs, restaurants and pools, and excursions. Almost nowhere to go out, t.To. A clean and well -groomed hotel will be dirty and boring streets.

And the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, on the contrary, surprises with its rich appearance, beauty and neatness. . The resort is located far from the locals, so you will not be disturbed by dirty beggars, local men, dirt and garbage.

! Here you can give a gorgeous dinner in local restaurants, find yourself in excellent rooms of the local hotels.

We guarantee that you will be delighted with local delicacies. In any of the local bars, you can order for yourself the Stela beer, or the local wine “Pharaohs”, “Kry de Ptolemy”, “Imar Hayam”.

For lovers of extreme, there are various entertainment. At your disposal will be trips on frauds or camels, and in the evening we advise you to get acquainted with real Bedouins. Perhaps stroking the most beautiful scarlet sunset, they will share with you the stories of their ancestors.

Your attention is offered “Ras Mohamed” – a sea reserve, there you can go under the water of the Red Sea and consider interesting, unusual marine inhabitants.

For people who love to learn new, we offer to visit excursions on the monastery of St. Helena and visit Mount Moses.

More time will need to visit the Luxor and Egyptian pyramids. But you are not going to Egypt in order to wallow on the beach and sit in restaurants and bars, because Egypt is a country that has a very exciting story that goes into the very depths of centuries.  And it will not be stupid not to visit historical attractions.

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