Caus the hair of hair: how to improve the condition

. To become the owner of a luxurious shock on the head, you need regular care for hair and a little patience, because often the problem of brittle and dull hair occurs due to a lack of time, or even laziness.

? So they do not have enough vitamins. To restore hair structure, it is not enough to use some hair masks, it is best to use the complex: a course of vitamins + strengthening masks + healthy food.

Causes of unhealthy hair:

– frequent use of hair dyes, chemical curls, regular lightening, hair straightening;

– careless, inaccurate wiping of the hair with a towel after washing the head;

– periodic use of hair dryers, various hair styles;

– the influence of sunlight;

– improper, irregular nutrition;

– fatigue, stress, insomnia.

To improve the condition of damaged hair, it will take time and effort. . In addition, you need to know and observe the tips:

Comb the hair before each head washing.

. Hair remains clean about 2-3 days, which means that you need to wash it with the same frequency. . Turn on only warm water when you wash your hair.

No need to rub your hair with a towel with all your might, wipe it carefully, pressing a towel to your hair. If you do not rush anywhere, do not use a hairdryer once again. . Also refers to a curling iron and hair straightforward.

. Comb your hair smoothly, slowly, from the bottom up.

Do not go outside with your head uncovered, as the sun dries and damages your hair. .  .

. Even 3 minutes of massage noticeably improves hair condition.


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