What is menopause: is it worth it to be afraid

Climax should not be afraid: this is just the next stage in the development of the body of a woman. As a rule, he comes when a woman exchanges the fifth ten. True, some women may come earlier than silt later. The duration of menopause-up to 4 years; it is not necessarily accompanied by poor well -being. Problems arise due to the fact that hormones that stimulate the ovarian work are no longer produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. As a result, a woman outwardly “fades away”: the condition of the hair, nails, skin worsens.

As such, menopause does not need treatment. But the ecists are an occasion to see a doctor. During the tie, the woman throws into sweat, the body temperature rises, the sweating intensifies intensifies.

Climax will not be able to avoid any woman, but to reduce the manifestation of climatic syndrome is quite affordable. This will help special drugs that doctors recommend taking, they will not allow menopause to affect your appearance, maintain beauty and freshness.

What is the treatment of menopause? Medicines normalize the level of hormones (estrogen), restore the nervous system (sedatives), and help to transfer the ebb.  If hormones are categorically not wanting to take, the doctor can offer an alternative – phytoestroogen, t.e. a drug that contains a plant version of the necessary hormone. After all, not always treatment with hormonal drugs takes place without a trace for the female body. .

An acceptable option – vitamin therapy. Of course, they must be taken regularly, and the dose should be more than usual. It is recommended to use vitamin A, C, B, E, as well as as many vegetables and fruits as possible – excellent sources of vitamins. Pay attention to the vitamins that will keep calcium, enter dairy products, fish, nuts into the diet. These products will not give a chance to osteoporosis.

. After all, after menopause, the density of the bone often decreases, the likelihood of problems with the cardiovascular system increases.

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