Female Friendship: exists or not, what to take into account

Many men claim that female friendship does not exist. Saying this, they even give arguments and sometimes very convincing. Although the women themselves are to blame for this. . But also about what I will tell you today, too, can not be called female friendship.

Let them say that there is no female friendship ..

There is a wonderful statement that enemies need to be kept much closer than friends and this is known, both men and women. The purpose of female friendship is to find out where and who have weak and strengths. Doing this so that you can deliver a protective blow to the opponent. How can such a relationship be called friendship? Of course not. This is most likely a small trick of every woman to always keep an opponent “under the sight”. Here you can really say that there is no female friendship.

There are other types of relationships that also do not pull on female friendship. . . This usually applies to either career or personal life. .

. After all, you yourself probably noticed. Two friends go, one beautiful just do at her, so men look at it, and the second cousin, who is only interested in books and nothing more.

And against the background of such a friend, she was completely lost. ?  And we answer, of course, the very benefit that we are talking about now.  Here the benefit is what, so that, against the background of this jack, look one hundred percent. . The only thing that such a friendship will not last long, until one of them gets married, this will end.

There is another type of friendship, now let’s look at it. This type of friendship is in different age categories. For example, schoolgirls. . This friendship is called “friendship against”. And also adult mature people can do this, in the team. That of course it is not prudent at all. But what to do, it happens.

Such, however, life. This is female friendship, but men do not have to know this!

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