East is a subtle amazing beauty of countries

Recently, more and more people begin to get involved in the East, the culture of these countries, history and attractions. More and more tourists to rest instead of hot exotic islands and ski resorts are chosen by Asian countries.

Despite the fact that the popularity of these countries only increases, in Asia countries no less attractions than in Europe, or maybe even more.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with the thought of Asian architecture is a great Chinese wall. The length of this incredible structure is about 2450 km, and its width is enough to make the cavalry can go through it without much difficulty. For many years, this masterpiece of architecture built an incredible number of slaves. After all, you only imagine for a second, a great Chinese wall is the only structure in the world. Which was manually built by man and which can be seen from space.

In addition, Gugun, which is also located in China, is very popular and visited. This building, which is simultaneously the temple of the emperor and the architectural memorial, was created with the participation of almost a million ordinary builders and several thousand professional architects, artists, craftsmen in wood and many, many others. The temple is striking in its splendor and the well -known Asian accuracy with which every trifle is built and calculated, every decoration of this incredible building.

And, of course, you can’t write an article about the beauty of Asian countries without mentioning such a famous building as Taj Mahal. All the inhabitants of our planet from childhood know how this palace incredible in its beauty looks like.  In addition to the fact that for many people this palace remains one of the most beautiful structures on Earth, its construction is also accompanied by an incredibly beautiful, touching and tragic love story. That is why, having been in India, it is necessary to see an architectural miracle at least with one eye, which is fully created from genuine white marble and decorated with a unique garden in which fabulous plants grow. It seems that you are in an incredible fairy tale.

In addition to all attractions, the traditions are still important, which in the Asian countries are still revered with all severity and the smallest details. The special spirit that since childhood is brought up in the inhabitants of these countries is combined with a mass of habits and skills in incredible beauty and strength.

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