What is the decoration of Belgium than the country is proud

Belgium. A small Western European state between France and Germany, Holland and Luxembourg. The country is interesting and attractive. Well -groomed city streets, delightful picturesque landscapes, the neighborhood of “toy” houses and grandiose temples. Old medieval castles Spontent, Gaasbek, Laarne, Bersel. Royal theaters, numerous festivals, headquarters, 600 (!) beer varieties.

The decoration of the country is a large Ardenon forest with grottoes of Neptune and “thousand and one night”, a rock of a dinant, ancient monasteries surrounded by virgin nature. Particular attention is deserved by the old market area with architecture XIII in. .

The metropolitan Brussels surprises with architectural masterpieces. This is the Gothic cathedral of St. Michael (XV in.) with inimitable stained-glass windows, and the Royal Palace is the beautiful official building of the country, and the historical Square of Grand Pos with a town hall and a 90-meter tower. These are countless museums, where every traveler will find his own. City Museum with the exposition of unique exhibits from the beginning of the founding of Brussels to today. Royal museums of elegant arts, art and stories with rare collections. Museum of ancient art. Scientific atomium, Bru-park and the cognitive museum “Mini-Europe”-a collection of reduced layouts of European masterpieces. Museum of brewing, wax figures, chocolate, comics ..

Famous “Belgian Trinity” – Bruges, Gent, Antwerp. “Puppet” Bruges – romantic and charming European Venice. Gent is a formal capital of Flanders with unique architectural monuments and cathedral murals Van Eyka. Antwerp – a diamond European capital. Symbol of the city – open palms.

The glory of the city of art was wound up by Liege. The decoration of the city and the country is the palace.), the Church of Saint-Jean with the image of Mary and the Crucifixion.

Leven Glory, university founded in 1425., the uniqueness of the architecture of the city town hall, the churches of St. Michael, St. Peter, the Papal College, attracting an unusual form and decor.

Belgium sea resorts are a colorful Ostend that stores the atmosphere of the oldest times in miraculous harmony with modern infrastructure of entertainment. Middelker with the famous promenade and beaches. Elite Knockka Histe.


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