How to remove fat deposits yourself

Few people know that weight loss can occur not only with diets, but it is possible to lose weight using aromatherapy. There are plenty of ways: breathing with a lamp, admission to oils, rubbing during massage into the skin and even adding essential oils to a hot bath.

Of course, the combination of aromatherapy with a mild diet will bring more significant results in the shortest possible time and will achieve the desired result.

First you need to decide on the oils that are suitable for you and help you remove excess weight.

Fat deposits arise in our body for various reasons: an excess fluid or a disturbed metabolism. So, to eliminate these reasons, it is necessary to choose the right essential oil.

Juniper oil is an effective diuretic that can accelerate all metabolic processes in the body and cleanse the toxins quickly. It is taken inside how drops are on a piece of bread or sugar.

For anti -cellulite massage, a mixture of 10 drops of juniper oil, 10 drops of cypress and 50 ml of jojoba should be used. When taking bathrooms, you can add five drops of this mixture to the bath.

 A good assistant in weight loss can be orange oil. The work of the intestine improves, the exchange of carbohydrates and fats is normalized. Five drops should be added to the bath and take the effect of the effect three times a week. For massage, for losing weight, ten drops of orange oil will be required.

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