How to make the perfect makeup on the girl on her own

Ah, makeup!.. . But, unfortunately, along with cosmetics, the ability to use it is not sold.

Look around and calculate how many women around you are high -quality makeup? Little, isn’t it? What is the matter, why, if there is a mass of cosmetics, tastedly painted women still remain? Probably the matter is the taste, or rather, in its absence. They are not born with good taste, but it is brought up, and quite successfully.

Perfect makeup

So what is needed for perfectly makeup? A minimum of cosmetics and a maximum of good taste, multiplied by a sense of proportion.

At all times in female appearance, a beautiful even face tone was highly appreciated. It can be achieved using tonal means – powder and cream. But before applying tone to the face, the skin must be cleaned with a scrub. The fact is that when applying tonal cream, the skin has significantly dry out and the peeling areas become very visible. It is necessary to apply a tonal base by sponge – fingers are not suitable for this. The main secret of a good complexion is the right tone of the product. Use samplers – and carefully look at the result with enough light. Good complexion – the first rule of perfect makeup.

The second rule is “eyes or lips”. Determine what is the most expressive part of your face – eyes or lips. You should not emphasize them at the same time – it will be at least vulgar. The eyes of a beautiful shape should not be additionally outlined with a liner – enough shadows and bracematics. But again, you should be led by a sense of proportion.

When choosing lip cosmetics, forget about the existence of shine. No no and one more time no! . Matte lipsticks today remain the number one trend. Correctly selected color – and you are irresistible! . Work on yourself and do not forget to use good cosmetics – this is a simple and affordable secret of beauty and elegance.

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