New York City of Dreams that everyone wants to see

On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the largest cities in the world-New York. Part of the city is located on the islands, the most famous of which can be called Manhattan. To combine the island parts of the city with the mainland and among themselves, numerous tunnels and bridges are built. For example, the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge, as well as the world’s first underwater Hudsons tunnel.

Tourists are very fond of New York, and he answers them the same. And to look in New York, of course there is something to. Central Park, Times-Square, New York Botanical Garden, Bronovsky Zoo, Fifth and Medison Avenue and much more. Broadway theaters will open their doors for lovers of cultural recreation, and multiple museums will tell about the history of the amazing country of the United States of America.

The Symbol of the United States and the main attraction of New York is a statue of freedom.  Was donated by the French to the centenary of the American Revolution. From the crown of the statue, to which 356 steps lead, an extraordinary view of the New York Gavan opens.

Tourists who have decided to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden will be amazed at the variety of its colors. Founded in 1910, he, to the present, has collected an amazing collection of plants. For example, a collection of dwarf trees in pots, originating back in 1925. A five -hundred -year -old stone lantern is installed in the Japanese kindergarten, a gift of the city of Tokyo.

To visit as many museums as possible without spending a lot of time on traveling around the city, go through a museum mile. You can visit ten museums at once! And if your visit coincides with the holding of a museum mile festival, you can visit all these museums for free, enjoying living music, accompanying this action.

Another special attraction of New York is the museum of wax figures Madame Tussaus. It is allowed to take pictures with famous politicians, Hollywood stars, historical personalities.

New York is called the city of contrasts. He gathered a little by little from representatives of various cultures who came here in search of a better life. This city leads a round -the -clock lifestyle, the doors of its shops, bars and restaurants are open day and night. Majestic skyscrapers, bright neon lights, music of various styles and directions rushing along the streets of New York – all this will leave an indelible mark in the soul of a man who has been in the heart of America.

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