What you need to know about the Maldives before the trip

South Asia. Indian Ocean. Archipelago of 20 coral islands from 1192 atoll islands, 820 km long from north to south. Maldives in everyday life, officially – the Maldives of the Republic. The capital of Male is a single city and a port on the island of the same name. The smallest and densely populated capital in the world.

Maldives is an Islamic country, so some restrictions on guests. Respect for the country’s culture, high cost and restrictions on alcohol consumption.

The climate is subequatorial monsoon. The average temperature does not rise above +32OS in April-May, and does not fall below +17OS in January-February.

Paradise Islands of the Eternal Summer on the slopes of the once former volcano. “The end of the world”. Each island is a unique world surrounded by excellent beaches and azure waters. There is no noise and annoying signs of civilization, but there is a fantastic nature and endless ocean spaciousness with coral reefs and underwater caves, an extraordinary local culture, conditions for a unique solitude of rest. Tropical Bungalow or Villa with your own pool – the choice is yours.

Submarine swimming and diving are the main “horse” of the islands and the most common type of recreation in the Maldives. Exciting, thoughtful underwater world and its inhabitants, numerous diving excursions to sunken ships. Surfing and yaching is another entertainment branch. Sea safari and fishing with immersion under water.

In Male, the Sultan Park and the National Museum are interesting. The Golden Dome of the Mosque Passion Friday Mosque is visible from anywhere in the city. And the unique carving and painting of the walls of the mosque Khukuru Michael surprises with its subtlety and grace. The colorful palace of Muliage, built in the beginning of the XX in. with a wonderful garden and internal placement of the presidential office.

Maldives – a combination of Indian and Lanka. The basis is seafood and fish, all kinds of spices and sauces. National dish – boiled tuna with rice, coconut milk and carry spices. Maldives – replete with fruits, there are practically no vegetables.

The concept of all the Maldives of the Maldives, and about 100 of them – “the only island is the only resort – the only hotel” and depends on the purpose of the rest. This is either a desire for pleasure from luxury, or healing in a local SPA-hotel, or diving, or rest for the whole family.

The night sky, strewn with equatorial constellations, exotic stupefying the aroma of outlandish tropical plants, crab run, feeding sharks and slopes, romantic dinners on the ocean ..

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