How to hide skin disadvantages with makeup

The woman has no shortcomings, but this is provided that she has the perfect makeup. But how to properly hide their shortcomings is best known, of course, makeup artists. So, let’s begin. If you are the owner of a round face, you should extremely monitor the purity of your skin. And Make-UP for this type of face should be tender and, as it were, slightly blurry. Blush of delicate shades should be applied in the center of your cheeks.  If you want to hide the size of your nose using its dimming, then you have a risk will receive a sculptural-bronze nose. The relief of the outstanding part of the face can be emphasized with a light flickering tone. Thanks to this, the face will look lighter. You can also highlight the central zone of this part of the face, while attention will be dissipated, and not focusing on what we, in principle, need.

Do not despair if you have small eyes, they can be significantly increased with different means. It is necessary to paint the eyelashes extremely densely, this contributes to an optical increase in the eyes. The eyebrows should be figned perfectly, thereby not attracting attention, under them it is worth making a light glare. Due to this, the effect of openness is obtained.  External corners need to be brought up with a dark eyeliner. If you have narrow lips, then it is necessary to make makeup so matte that all the attention is lips. They should be bright and luxurious. You can also use another, absolutely opposite method – to distract attention from this part of the body. Make, for example, an emphasis on the eyes, and let the lips be faded.

And if you are the owner of chic puffy lips, then it is also important to properly “submit” them to the public. The emphasis should not dissipate throughout the face, it should be one. Choose in advance yourself, what would you like to draw the attention of others, to your eyes or to the lips. You need to use an eyeliner that adjusts their shape. As a rule, it has a dark or saturated tone. If you decide to focus your eyes, then the contour should be faded and fuzzy.

But the main thing is to be self -confident, as well as love yourself. After all, as you will relate to your beauty, respectively, and others will also relate to it. To date, there are a lot of decorative cosmetics, which is created specifically to hide our shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. The main thing is to use all this correctly. Follow all the above advice and you will undoubtedly be successful!!!

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