Varieties of kisses: which option to choose for seduction

Do not know how to diversify his sex life? Kiss your beloved so that he will not soon forget this kiss. It is important for men to hear what is good for you. It will not be superfluous to moan a little during caresses.

There are several types of kisses that men like:

– Done Kiss is made with dry lips. Slowly touch your forehead with your lips, temples, cheekbones of your loved one, because there are inconspicuous hairs on your face. During touching them, a pleasant sensation should arise.

Kissing on the lips is also not as easy as it would seem. In order for the man to get excited immediately, you need to clamp his lower lip with your lips, and then bit slightly.

The sky is considered a very sensitive part of the body, touching it, you will arouse a desire in a man.

Skillful seducers know how to give their beloved pleasure with a contrasting kiss. He needs a glass of cold water and a mug with a hot drink. Having taken a sip of a glass of cold water, touch his lips with his lips, and then give “hot” kisses. During the “session” of contrasting kisses, it is worth blinding the eyes of a young man.

What should be kissed? First of all, ears! They need to touch them barely to awaken sensuality. You can squeeze the earlobe with your lips a little, bit a little or pull.

Kissing the neck, you express your sexual desire. Men like it when they kiss the neck on the side. Add tagging and biting your neck to kisses, but you need to do this with lips.

Do not think that nipples are sensitive only in women. Men also like such caresses.

Kiss your fingers. This will also give a loved one a lot of pleasure. The skin between the fingers is particularly sensitive, so pay attention to this area. Those who have tried such caresses assure that men literally abandoning these kisses.

In addition to the above zones, the stomach, spine remain relevant. Many men enjoy it when they do massage. The session can be started with a massage with tongue and lips: start with the back of the head, then slowly go down the spine. This will not let the partner relax, even arouse him.

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