What is the right diet: features

Many of women are excessive weight. Incorrect regime and diet of the day, insufficient sleep, stress – where is the body here to keep track of weight? It is better to get into a hibernation and dial a reserve of kilograms.

But the hour X comes, and you see by reflection in the mirror that the day has come when you need to sit on a diet. You begin to look for suitable diets and get lost – this is too strict, and the weight leaves too slowly in this diet, and then you need to engage in charging … How to decide on a diet?

First of all, decide for yourself why you need a diet. To get into your favorite dress, or to please your loved one? .

If you firmly decided to lose weight, then do not rush immediately at the diet “minus 100500 kg per week”. Even if you throw several kg at once, then soon, when returning to the usual diet, your lost weight will return in a triple number.

. Diet for life. Only in this case, the discouraged weight will not return.

And you still can’t do without charging. 15 minutes a day of the necessary exercises – and your body will say thanks to you in the form of a fit figure.

Decide how much kg do you want to lose weight. If the figure is large, then the loud is in stages. . . Now your main diet includes vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, boiled meat, eggs, seafood. . . But if you really want to, you can cook yourself a light salad. Get a habit to be in front of the TV and computer. This is not noticeable, but so you eat much more than you need to quench hunger. .

Your approximate menu (all products for weight loss in a plate of medium size):

Breakfast: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg 2-3 times a week, any 2 fruits, a little fig, tea or coffee-strictly without cream and sugar, or a glass of juice (better freshly squeezed).



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