Zucchini: When you need to enter the child’s diet

It has not only delicious, but also therapeutic properties. These dietary products include in the diet of small children with diabetes mellitus, suffering from heart disease, obesity, constipation. There will be no irritation of the gastrointestinal tract from the zucchini. He does not have much sugar and a sufficient amount of vitamin C. Doctors recommend that pregnant women and people of the elderly eat zucchini more often. . Even flowers and seeds are useful in zucchini.

But today we will not dwell on the healing properties of this vegetable for a long time, let’s talk about its taste.

And for this we first prepare a couple of dishes. You like cutlet cutlets? If you have not tried, prepare. We take seven hundred grams of peeled zucchini, two – three tablespoons of flour, one hundred grams – one hundred and fifty, two egg yolks, one egg testicle, two tablespoons of cheese and one tablespoon of crackers and butter.

In a small amount of salted water, we will let the zucchini until they become soft. . Add egg yolks, feta cheese, salt, pepper. Then everything is clear – we form cutlets, panic, lubricate with a beaten egg, panic again and fry. When serving, you can sprinkle for beauty with grated cheese and greens. Here you have zucchini cutlets. ?

In the Kabachkova caviar – zucchini, onions, tomatoes. . .

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