Amazing attractions of New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of its nature and the high level of service attract travelers to this country. What can you see and what to tell a person who visited New Zealand?

Lake Matison

. Lake is located on the territory of the National Park. It is also called mirror for its amazing reflective ability. She appeared by the lake not by chance. At the bottom of it lies a thick layer of mineral rainfall donated by the lake with a glacier, and forests along the shores of the lake supply it with organic materials, making water dark, which increases the ability to reflect. This is the lake – a symbol of New Zealand and everyone who comes here considers to look at it.

Lake Taraver

Fishing lovers are recommended to visit another lake in New Zealand. This is Lake Taraver. It is located at the foot of the volcano, bearing the same name, and famous for thermal springs. The lake is teeming with trout, and, having bought a license, you can enjoy an interesting fishing. There is a hotel right on the shore of the lake, with such exciting views from numbers that you will not want to leave it. Visitors to the lake have the opportunity to visit a kind of museum called a buried village. The village received the sad name after the eruption of the volcano in 1886, which claimed the life of 120 of its inhabitants.

Caves of Whitomo

If you want to visit space without leaving the limits of the Earth, visit the Caves of Whitomo. You seem to be under the strengthened stars of the night sky. These are millions of fireflies illuminate the caves with natural light. .

Milford Sound

Another attraction of New Zealand is Fjord Milford Sound. This is one of the most popular and visited places in the country. All the beauty of this place can be evaluated by performing a two -hour boat trip, on the road, having certainly looked into the Black Corals, growing almost at the very surface of the water.


Having been in New Zealand, do not miss a unique sight. In the volcanic zone of Taupo, called the country of geothermal miracles, there are hot springs and a powerful erupting geyser. Famous among tourists was a champagne pool, nicknamed so for their carbon dioxide bubbles, which make water similar to a popular drink.

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