How to improve your mood: effective methods

Many are familiar with the condition when waking up on the day off, you find a complete lack of desire to do anything and the complete lack of interest in what is happening around. And the saddest thing is that this is repeated with a certain frequency.  This cannot continue further. We begin to act! .

 Get some kind of animal.  . . . But can a list of disadvantages be more significant in comparison with the devoted and loving you and no one else in this world pet.

. . By the way, the ubiquitous American scientists have proved that communication with animals is the level of cortisol. . .  .

  . Even if this is not easy to do, very try to stretch your mouth in a smile. .This is confirmed by scientific research. . Try it, because if you don’t try, then it is impossible to refute.

  . . . . .

.  . . . The content of selenium in it is a natural antioxidant, allows you to be in a great mood, and will not allow you to lower serotonin levels to a critical level.

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