New and popular trends of the summer season: what to choose

The first in the list is a basket that can be seen on blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts. She creates a romantic image, emphasizing the waist. .

Then follows the top-busty, which has become incredibly popular recently. It should be worn by trousers with a high waist or with a short or long skirt. The top-bussty looks interesting and seductive under a shirt or a transparent blouse.

. Since last season, you most likely have one of two in the wardrobe. You can safely use this season, because they are still relevant.

One of the new products is a skirt with a train, it has an asymmetric bottom. It can also be a dress that is so popular among fashionistas around the world.

It is worth not forgetting that pajama style becomes relevant. Hollywood stars have recently preferred silk trousers with bright springs. They can be very useful in the heat in hot offices, and outside the business environment you can wear them with shortened tops or with free T -shirts.

And the last, this season in summer geometric prints in fashion, animalist, large and bright plants also. And, of course, acidic.

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