Argentina is a beautiful and noticeable country

One of the most beautiful and wonderful countries of South America is Argentina. This extraordinary country is located in the southern part of the continent, occupies an area of ​​2.8 and washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the east. The population of the country has about 40.2 million. Human. The state language is Spanish. This country combines the exotic of its continent and European culture close to us. Argentina is a republic.


. A visit to the capital of this country will be a cultural and cognitive tour.

The capital of this country is Buenos Aires, one of the most unusual and interesting cities in the world. Architecture is executed by the best traditions of the European style.  According to the writer Luis Borges “This city is eternal as his air and water”. . Do not be surprised at the neighborhood of chic restaurants with inexpensive cafes and pizzerias, as well as entertainment can be found here for every taste and budget. The most amazing discovery for tourists is the performance of tango in almost every corner of this city, in cafes, parks and squares. Argentina is the ancestor of this dance and therefore tango worships as a deity.

Also, one of the main attractions of this city is the metropolitan cathedral, which serves as a burial place Jose de San Martin, a famous Argentinean revolutionary. Interesting with their content and filling museums Buenos Aires, such as the National Museum, the Museum of Arts, the Kinematographic Museum.

The territory of the country is striking in its landscape: from pampas in the east to the mountains in the west. The valleys and gorges of the Andes are replaced by the beautiful lakes, forests of Patagonia and the snowy expanses of the Antarctic. In this country, there are many climatic zones-surtropics in the north, steppe zones closer to the south and, finally, glaciers in the southern part of Argentina.

The best time to visit this country is the winter months. In addition to beach holidays on the east coast in this country, you can find such interesting types of rest as hunting and fishing, ski resorts and many other interesting entertainments.

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