How to correctly care for your body: what to take into account

Always and every day you need to care for your figure. Now we will talk about individual parts of the body.


This is perhaps a very important part of the body of any woman. She attracts the views of other men and the hands of her lover. Beautiful breasts are the key to a woman’s success. Change the size of the breast, we are not given, but to make it elastic and beautiful for us on strength. It is best to pour your breasts with cold water every day – this will give it elasticity for many years.

Even the most ordinary gymnastics will give the beauty of your chest. Not all women are happy with their breasts. Some of them are even able to lie down under a surgeon knife. But I do not advise you to do this at all. You know that a man perceives a woman with small breasts is much more serious, and more with a bigger. So think.


This is the main element of female elegance. Always follow your own hands. Make masks, manicure and baths. Always use gloves when you clean or wash the dishes. This is the first step towards well -groomed hands and nails. It is worth washing your hands only under warm water, then the pores are revealed, and you give the skin the opportunity to breathe. And cold water makes the skin coarse and not beautiful. Do not forget to use a nutritious cream for the night, but if it is not, then apply vegetable oil and put on gloves at night.


This is the main element of female attractiveness. They should always look fit. Every evening you need to make your feet baths with warm water so that the circulatory system does not get down – this is very important. Also do not forget about pedicure, especially pay attention to the heels. And also take care of shaping or dancing so that your legs always look attractive. Do not forget after a pedicure or just baths to lubricate your legs with a moisturizing cream or oil. They should always be one hundred percent.

Your appearance

This, first of all, is an attitude towards itself. By your appearance, you can say a lot, tell about your character or about your attitude to life. Every day, in front of the mirror, tell yourself how beautiful and sexy you are. It means a lot. No matter how you look – you are an individual and each part of the body speaks about it.

Each evening, arrange a vacation to the body, for example, lie in the bathroom with AR oil. Do not forget to wash yourself in cool water after a warm bath, this helps the pares breathe and not clog. And remember, you are very beautiful and attractive, the main thing is to emphasize, not hide!

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