Classification of Bulgarian pepper: how to choose and clean

It is called Bulgarian out of habit. . And the vegetables are wonderful – tasty, healthy. You are used to covering it in jars for the winter or make salads? And let’s try to cook sweet pepper combined with cottage cheese. And make this dish beautiful.

So, we take three sweet peppers – yellow, red, green.  . Let me, but where is the cottage cheese. But he is four hundred grams, just take fat cottage cheese.

First we cut off the tail and remove the seeds in each pepper. Do not forget to wash the peppers. . While the peppers dry, we have something to do. Fry arachis in a frying pan until it becomes a pleasant golden color. After that, the nuts must be cut, but not finely. Then we clean and cut the garlic, my and cut the parsley. The time has come for cottage cheese. It needs to be rubbed with lemon juice and butter. Add garlic, greens and peanuts to this mass, pepper and salt to taste. You hear the smell? Tram it all in our peppers, which we then put in the refrigerator. Let them thicken. For serving, cut the peppers across and lay on a plate.

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