How to enjoy life every day

. This process will help to recharge positive and tune in to a working day. . Moreover, the pleasant minutes spent next to your loved one will strengthen your relationship and open new facets in your sexual life.

Of course, not everyone is given to wake up in the morning easily and not forced, so you should configure a partner a little in the right way. On the alarm clock, set the calm and disposable music so that it helps you, and wake up, and does not lead to aggression. . To get rid of such feelings, you should call light music with growing sound on a call.

If your partner still resists the sounds emanating from the alarm clock, take everything into your hands. Start waking it with caresses and kisses, but only do it slowly and gently, do not tear out a sleeping person from the kingdom of sleep with sharp movements, because you will only be angry, and do not excite your partner. .

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