Amazing and beautiful places all over the planet

The fact that the world is full of miracles is no secret to anyone for a long time. .

In Ukraine there is a famous tunnel of love. It is a railway over which the branches of the trees have intertwined. The length of the tunnel is about a kilometer, but do the lovers need a lot? Newlyweds and lovers come here, but European tourists are not yet known about this place.

Lavender fields in France are beckoning not only florists. Still: the field of bright violet color goes into the distance, over the horizon. You need to look at unearthly beauty in June-August. For some reason, tourists are not eager to come here, but for artists and photographers this is a real paradise.

Waterfall in Gayan is not inferior to the Niagara waterfall. It is called the powerful waterfall on the planet; The noise of water is heard for many kilometers. . Although lovers of tickling nerves are always.   

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. The province is high in the mountains. Thanks to the features of the relief, the fields have a bizarre shape, resemble abstraction. .   

And in Poland you can take a walk through the crooked forest. Pines grow here, the trunks of which are bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

They come to Bolivia to take a walk … in the sky. Solonchak is so huge that it reflects the whole sky. A person walking on the sky reflected in water feels that he walks in the clouds. Solonchak area exceeds ten thousand meters of square. It’s not easy to get here, but the grueling journey is worth it.

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