What ailments are in women during pregnancy

Even if, it would seem, pregnancy proceeds without special complications, in the body of a woman, still, both insignificant and more serious ailments can manifest itself. Fortunately, these processes have practically no effect on pregnancy, but still, they can cause a lot of troubles to the female body, which in some cases are quite painful. Often such ailments appear either at the beginning or at the end of pregnancy. .

General fatigue, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, abdominal pain, bleeding gums, back pain, varicose veins, suffocation, muscle cramps, insomnia of swelling. Of course, the list is extremely long, but at the same time these ailments, as a rule, do not develop.

Nausea begins to appear in most women after the fourth week of leaking pregnancy. Often this process is bothering the future mommy in the morning, but the case that it lasts throughout the day is also possible. The true causes of nausea during pregnancy have not yet been fully studied. There is evidence that it is associated directly with the emotional state of a pregnant woman.

A decrease in the activity of a physical plan in a woman is considered a natural state that occurs in order to maintain pregnancy. The body in this period more than ever needs energy. The deeds that you did before pregnancy, in this period, become more difficult for execution, so by the evening a woman feels very tired. Therefore, future mothers are strongly recommended to relax more, which contributes to a greater likelihood of normal pregnancy. At the initial stages of pregnancy, namely the first three weeks, you need to reduce the amount of work, as well as limit communication and gatherings with friends. This is necessary so that there is as much time to rest and sleep.

And so a little advice on how to cope with nausea, which is accompanied by vomiting. It is not recommended to get out of bed sharply, before that it is worth drinking a little tea and eat something insignificant, after which 10 minutes still relax. In one dose, you need to drink a small amount of liquid and flatly abandon soda drinks. Food must be eaten often (about five to six times a day), but in small portions. And in no case do not wear cramped clothes.

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