What you need to know about French hotels before the trip

Hotels in this country are the most hospitable. The first positive impression appears from a meeting at the reception, even if you do not know the local language, then this is not a misfortune, since every normal hotel has its own translator, but if this does not happen, there will always be someone who can understand the Russian language. Almost all hotels are equipped with quite large elevators, which will facilitate the movement between the floors of vacationers with a large baggage or small child and his walking stroller. . . . . Here with the safety of things everything is in perfect order.


The hotels have a fairly high -quality meal, during the hotel time no one will remain hungry here a lot of different foods for breakfast: they are sure to serve croissants, different buns, tea, coffee, dry breakfasts with milk and so on.

The dinners are also beautiful, a wide variety of meat dishes is offered.

The territories of many hotels have their own pools, some have even water attractions.

Regarding the territories adjacent to hotels, then they are closely monitored that they always remain clean and neat. .

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