The causes of the appearance of toxicosis in a woman: what to take into account

If you have transferred pregnancy without toxicosis, consider that you are lucky, and many women have tormented nausea from the first weeks after conception. And if toxicosis of the first half of the doctors does not really bother, then the second half causes concerns.  After the process of conception, both the fetus and placenta develops. The placenta will be formed only by the sixteenth week. Until that time, the placenta is still small and not developed to protect the body of the pregnant woman from the metabolic products that the child distinguishes. These products cause intoxication, entering the blood of the future mother.

There is another reason that can cause toxicosis. These are changes at the hormonal level occurring in the female body during pregnancy.

Gynecologists believe that a woman’s reaction to pregnancy is largely determined by heredity. . There are severe forms of the disease – vomiting in the morning, nausea on smells, aversion to food.  Often toxicosis occurs in women with the first pregnancy. It is also noted that if before pregnancy the woman led the lifestyle is wrong, then the likelihood of toxicosis in the second half of pregnancy increases. And it is much more dangerous.

The laws of pregnancy development exclude the appearance of toxicosis in its second half. And if this happened, then doctors consider this a complication – gestosis. A woman suffers from edema, increasing weight by more than four hundred grams per week, as well as an increase in blood pressure. .

Excess fats lead to increased pressure. Incorrect nutrition and fat an increase is an increase in the load on the heart, lungs, kidneys. If a woman constantly attends consultations and an inspection of a gynecologist, then the doctor will offer her inpatient treatment.

Alleviate the condition of a pregnant woman with toxicosis of the first half. To do this, you need to eat often, but little by little, brew mint tea and drink several times a day. Homeopathy also helps. Sometimes it is enough to accept several homeopathic balls at the very beginning of pregnancy, and then the body will cope itself. At the same time, a constant supervision of a doctor is necessarily.

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