Confectionery experiments on desserts: different options

Confectionery workshops around the world love to experiment with products and tastes, inventing new dessert recipes.

Ice cream and nitrogen and ask for the mouth

Cosmonauts have long been accustomed to eat food made by nitrogen freezing. Restaurants do not risk using this technology, molecular gastronomy remains unknown. But there is a restaurant where ice cream is prepared by freezing milk with liquid nitrogen. In addition, ice cream has different tastes: from lavender to fried bacon.

Chocolate Pignata

When feeding dessert, a whole performance awaits you! The waiter right in front of you, on the countertop, will draw unusual patterns. Brusnice syrup, a muscat pumpkin sauce, and also a beer sauce that are in perfect harmony among themselves are used. Culmination – large chocolate balls, sizes from ballolin balls filled with cotton sugar, bucks, delicious delicate ice cream and many others.


Impressive dessert was invented by one American comedian. A man in the blink of an eye built a cake of three classic pies: with an apple, cherry and pumpkin. Three “cakes” are connected by a layer of cream delicate cheese. After that, all three pieces are baked in the oven. It turns out one immense spicy cake. But be careful: only one piece will “reward” you with two thousand calories.

Gold dessert

You can try it at the luxurious Hotel Istanbul. Exclusive dessert prepare for three days, it includes figs, apricot, quince and pears. All this is pickled in the Jamaican Roma for 2 years, then vanilla and caramelized black truffle are added. In the end – gold flakes, quite edible. It is necessary to serve the cake on a silver dish.

Fried …candies

This preparation of sweets was invented in Scotland. The first fried candy was Mars, a Batonchik. Now Frittennitsa and sweets are not only compatible things, but also unthinkable without each other. Fried sweets can be tried in a restaurant or in a regular eatery; Together with sweets, they usually serve potatoes-fruits. But you can fry sweets and at home: you just need to dip them in the dough and lower them into a deep fryer. Of course, if you follow the figure, such a dish will not become a frequent guest on the table. But for a variety, a couple of sweets can be fry.

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