How love and sex are interconnected with each other

A few concepts about the relationship of love and sex:

The concept is one – do not be zealous over hard and impudent sex, because men are tired of men very quickly. It is best to make some specific changes to the relationship. This does not apply to role -playing games, but simply gradual satisfaction. . After all, all women love warmth and affection, which is also necessary for good sex. Let it be a lot of affection and love at first, and then you can gradually switch to a more daring behavior and thereby surprise a partner.

The second concept is the main thing to find your favorite erogenous zones of your partner. It happens that people agreed very well with characters, and nothing happens in terms of sexual partners. To do this, you need to approach relationships with understanding, that is, determine all the pros and cons and find a unanimous solution. The solution of such relationships can be various options – love in the bathroom, sexual linen, new poses and many other little things. For this, do not experiment too much, the main thing is to do everything with enthusiasm and attraction.

Third concept -it is necessary to change the order of the graph. That is, always many problems relate to everyday life, that is, work, sex. You can do the opposite – first sex, then work. So you can use many changes, for example, change the place of sex. Morning sex is considered the most useful, as this is the first charging, as well as an additional portion of mood and a feeling of vigor.

The concept is fourth – if the partners are little familiar and not used to each other, then you can have easier sex, calm. Thus, you can meet even closer and find out some nuances of what your partner loves more. It is better to practice slow movements, delicate kisses. .

The concept is fifth – during sex we learn a person more and this helps to fall in love with him more. Before sex, during and after sex, you can observe different behavior of a person who can, both pull and push. Therefore, you should not practice for a long time a relationship without sex. Like all other drugs, sex is one of the main ones and occupies a leading place in the field of medicine. Still a long time ago, sex was considered anti-stress, antibiotic and everything else. Therefore, regular sex key.


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