How to competently organize a single journey

.  Many even refuse to travel for this reason depriving themselves of the opportunity to see other cities and countries.  .

  Some countries have organized a 24 -hour information service that can inform the features of travelers in any country in the world on a mobile phone.

We bring to your attention some useful tips for the director of such an information service:

  – In case of loss of documents, before leaving, make photocopies of absolutely all the documents that you take on a trip and put separately from the originals. . .

   – . Do not offer help and do not respond to requests for the transportation of bundles or road bags, the content of which is unknown to you. Imprisonment or even death sentence may be a sentence for the transportation of drugs. Remember this!

   – You should study carefully the clothes of local women of the country that you are going to go.

   – . The handbag should be worn by hanging the strap over the shoulder, so it will be more difficult for thieves to steal it.

   – It is not necessary to inform your fellow travelers on the plane about your vacation with all the details.

   –  If possible, organize a meeting at the airport. .

   – . .

   – Do not spread that you are traveling alone. Those who will be interested in this question, answer that you are meeting here with friends or partner.

  It is impossible to predict everything, of course, but now you are armed with knowledge, and your vacation will bring only positive emotions.

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