Tourists’ tips for organizing a trip to Madagascar

Before you are going to go to Madagascar, get acquainted with some local features. For example, in Madagascar problems with the monetary system. There are bills of different issues, types, and there are also bills that are not officially in use. Prices are indicated in several types of currency at once. Still in the move franca. If you are going to the hinterland, then take the money smaller, since the standard of living is low and just no one will change the money.

They try to trade in Madagascar almost everywhere. When buying emeralds, as well as products from local flora and fauna, demand a certificate from sellers, which will definitely need to be presented at customs. Otherwise you may be fined.

Hotel levels are indicated in the same way as in the whole world, so you will not be mistaken. True, a five -star hotel here, as a rule, corresponds to a three -star European. 

The local population is very friendly with tourists. There are no special restrictions in clothes, with the exception of the decency for cult places. Also avoid military style clothes, as it can cause problems with the police. Also consider that there are places where it is categorically impossible to go (“FADi”).

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