What is a fitness diet: features

In the age of urbanization, it is very difficult to maintain your body in good physical shape, eat right, and even have time to work. Is not it? For a rather long time, many female forums have been discussing the so -called fitness – diet. So what is it? Let’s try to figure it out.

. This is what will help get rid of hated extra pounds, give the body elasticity and keep it in good shape. At first it will be difficult enough, but then you will enjoy your updated appearance and beautiful well -being. . So gain patience and go ahead to fight excess calories!

So, I propose to consider the basic rules of fitness – diets:

1. Give your dinner to the enemy! . This will help to correctly distribute the work of hormone secretion correctly. After all, they stock up fats, and by forty years it can radically and irrevocably affect your figure. Also do not have to eat at night.

2. Use more protein! It is very important not just the use of protein, but overexposure of the right portions and use them at the right time. . If this nuance is not taken into account, then your muscles cannot grow. It is protein that is needed to increase them. . Your body will use the reserve reserves of protein to restore and recharge muscles. Thus, preventing the use of protein in other, no less important processes taking place in your body.

3. ! Do not forget that our body literally works on the water. That is why it is impossible to allow the loss of water in the body, it instantly will affect your body negatively. For people engaged in fitness per day, you need to drink 3.5 – 4 liters of water.

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