How to get rid of your legs at the end of the day

.  In this case, a hot bath will help you get rid of tiredness. It is best to take a similar bath with the addition of a dumpling decoction or sage. If you have contraindications for hot water, be sure to replace it with warm. . Of course, you can safely use any body cream, but the effect will be much better if you apply the cream intended specifically for the legs. If you suffer from increased sweating of the legs, you should use a cream that contains the presence of oak or sage extract, or both of them. Plus to the daily dose of the cream used, add a couple of drops of tea tree.  This oil serves as an excellent antiseptic contributing to the elimination of unpleasant odors. . They have similar properties.

. This procedure will allow you to relax, and the cream is absorbed. . The main thing in this matter is that all movements need to be done in the direction … to the heart. Initially, it is worth massaging each finger, walk on a pair, then do the entire sole. Initially, it is necessary that the touch is light, then gradually make them more tangible. At night it is best to wear soft socks, pleasant to the touch, because in such conditions the action of the cream is much more effective. In addition, everyone knows that during sleep the body begins to cool, and this process begins with the feet. You probably have noticed more than once that you woke up precisely from the fact that your legs are cold.

If the day turned out to be especially heavy and your legs are very swollen, you need to put a roller or pillow under them, that is, so that your precious hearts are 15-20 centimeters. Upon the arrival of the morning, you are guaranteed to forget about swelling. Several times a week should allocate time to fight with coarse skin on the legs. In this case, it is necessary to apply coffee grounds, scrub or sea salt to the sole, then use a pumise or pedicure grater to remove keratinized skin cells. If you need to quickly put the skin of the feet in order, then after using peeling it is necessary to apply a mask on wet skin, and then wrap them in cellophane or towel, after which you need to wash it off and apply your favorite cream.

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