How to behave competently in a men’s team

If you are in the men’s team and want to take a worthy place there, you should not rush to extremes in the strength of behavior and appearance. . You need to find the line. You have a female charm by nature that will help you find compromises with colleagues. But it is extremely difficult to find devoted friends at work for a woman. . . The goal is a possible promotion on the career ladder. Therefore, it is better to immediately try to create correct professional relations with colleagues.

. You may be considered a tantrum. Emotions need to learn how to control.  . But a man will appreciate the simple help of a colleague. Try to talk quietly. Even the most angry interlocutor will reduce the tone and calm down. A person who owns emotions always looks more worthy. Extremely painfully men tolerate criticism from women, so it is better not to do this. Also, obsessive tips are not needed. Paul will make much more.

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