How to create your own style: what to look for

Style is always beautiful and relevant. You can and should work on creating your own style – it will never go out of fashion and will always be your business card!

Try to recall the fair sex, whose style you remember? Helena Bonham Carter, Tilda Swinton, Dita von Tiz – this trinity drives all the cinema bomond crazy, once again, appearing in public in clothes chosen not according to the canons of fashion, but as a tribute to his own style. The same applies to their hairstyles and even behavior! But its own style is not only screen beauties, every woman can afford it, striving to harmonize with herself and the world around him.

So, we create our own style – where to start?

And it is worth starting with the fact that it is worth taking a couple of your photos in underwear in full growth – in profile and anfas. These photos will give you truthful information about your proportions, body condition, its features and so on. This information is the basis of what you have to work with. She will help you choose a style of clothing that is most suitable for your figure, and also shows your weaknesses that you will have to work on the gym. Yes, the creation of your own style is not only shopping walks and pleasant procedures at the mirror, but also hard work, which you can not do without.

So, the photos are ready and appreciated-it’s time to think about what you are still weighing for? What style of clothing do you prefer – classics, sports, cache … After all, in each style there are pure samples – a kind of perfect combination.

Unfortunately, sometimes what we like not always suitable for us. And the golden rule of elegance reads – wear what suits you, not what you like. This applies to the style of clothing and its color, not to mention the features of the cut, the relevance and the like.

The basis of the style is not at all to wear the same clothing, but to maintain the unity of its elements, observe the rules of color combinations and additions of the costume with accessories. The style can be created by little things that no one will pay attention to, but which will help you achieve harmony.

Not only clothing, but also hairstyle, makeup, manicure and behavior should correspond to your chosen and suitable style. Good manners will decorate even a poorly dressed woman – this old French wisdom is relevant today. Modern emancipes often forget that among people you need to behave humanly-with dignity and delicacy.

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