How to return tone to the abdominal muscles after childbirth: what to take into account

The abdominal muscles after childbirth should resume the tone, since all the muscles of the cavity of the abdomen are very stretched. . . After the menstrual cycle is restored, it is allowed to start gymnastics. If you follow certain exercises, then the stomach will get on its own, but in this stomach you need appropriate help. Also, attention should be paid to the condition of the perineum.

After childbirth, there may be different consequences and when it comes to seams, then special care is needed here. After a while, the crotch will heal on its own and stand back elastic.

Immediately after childbirth, the body weight will fall by approximately 5-6 kilograms.  The remaining kilograms that have been gained during pregnancy is more difficult to lose. . . You can also start gymnastics for mothers or attract some features of sports training.

But do not forget that the nursing mother should be a little more fully and stronger, since her body also works in some way for two. . Do not rush with losing weight, otherwise it can lead to depletion of the body. During breastfeeding, you need to eat intensely and receive all the necessary vitamins.

The first weeks after childbirth may seem especially difficult, it may be postpartum bleeding.  As a rule, the restoration of the menstrual cycle takes about three weeks, so prolonged bloodshed should not bother you. All discharge should not be taken categorically, but if such discharge smells bad, then consult a doctor. If the discharge is excessively abundant, then this can be a sign of infection of the uterine mucosa. Such discharge may stop while in the hospital, and may last a few more days after discharge.

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