That so attracts tourists in China amazing places

China captivating atmosphere always beckoned to her. The country of great sages and philosophers, inventors who gave the world paper, silk, porcelain. Ancient tea ceremonies, exquisite incense, secrets of healers. All this is China.

Bring something exotic and unique from the country is one thing. And get a little thing from China as a gift is very pleasant and exciting.

What to bring as a gift? How to navigate among tourist souvenir abundance? Let’s try to choose what China is famous for.

Chinese silk – country’s brand. Silk underwear, painted robe – a dream of any woman. Silk painted landscape panels, silk embroidery. Such a gift, of course, will be appreciated. If there is no constraint in the means, then the splendor of a silk carpet or a picture woven from silk, brought as a gift, will plunge into the silent admiration of the recipients of these eastern masterpieces.


A wonderful gift – Chinese porcelain products. Originality of painting, exotic performance of figurines, dishes, vases. Exquisite tea service made of “live” clay, wicker countertop and Chinese tea – harmony of a delightful gift.

By the way, tea. More than a hundred varieties. Starting from traditionally black, and ending with white and bitter with extraordinary aftertaste. Tasting can be carried out directly in the store and choose the people you like to taste.

Pearl jewelry can be bought in pearl markets. A variety of jade figurines. They are given for all occasions. It is huge selection of aromatic oils and incense.

“Standing” gifts are taken for close and necessary people. .

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