What is the most important in the life of the child: Features of education

The most important thing for a child is to live in a loving family whose members are friendly to each other. Then he absorbs good habits in behavior, like a sponge. A child, as beautifully as an adult, understands when he behaves poorly and capriches himself poorly. And in good conscience, he wants to improve. The child knows that, despite friendliness, his parents know how to show firmness. This example will help in the future for the child not to be soft -hearted and will teach to get along with people outside the family. . Practice shows that if parents lower any misconduct for children, then relations between adults and children in the family cannot be open and sincere. Violating the rules of behavior, the child is waiting for a comment. This is unpleasant, but there is nothing wrong with that. Normal relationships are being established soon. Children feel more comfortable when they do not notice their behavior, but when they follow their behavior in reasonable measures. It is important to explain to the child the fact that it is not worth suppressing the natural feelings of discontent or anger, while not allowing the child to be rude in handling not only with parents, but also with strangers. Those self -respecting parents do not allow children to infringe on their rights and do it in a very tactful way.


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