How to identify a disease in a child by examining a language

According to experts, certain internal organs are associated with the relevant language zones. Therefore, redness, raid, curvature of folds, changes in papillae or even a change in color-all this can tell you that something is wrong with your child.  In the state and type of language, attentive parents can determine anemia, dysbiosis, constipation, osteochondrosis. If you look at your child’s language and look for certain signs of the disease, remember that in the normal state the tongue will be pink, soft, slightly with a whitish raid, moderately wet and will have to move easily and freely. So let’s learn some symptoms and possible diseases.

1. . If at the tip of the tongue, then you are to a cardiologist, if at the edges – check the liver and gall bladder, if in the middle part of the tongue – it is worth examining the stomach and intestines.

2. If the tip of the tongue has blushed, problems with cardiac activity.

3. Changes in the edges of the tongue, which are closer to the tip are easy.

4. .

5. If the language has become smooth and brilliant possible problems with the stomach, or even anemia.

6. If the taste is not felt, these are problems of the nervous or endocrine system.

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