How to make a cozy and comfortable house for living with your own hands

House! As much as one single word is said, it is comfort, warmth, family, comfort and protection. This is how I want to see my house, warm and cozy. Therefore, now we will try to create just such an atmosphere.

Cosiness in the house consists of two important components: energy and interior. . Of course, how to achieve harmony in a relationship to decide, but with regard to the interior, then here we will try to give some tips.

If you have acquired secondary housing in which people have already lived, then first of all you need to get rid of all the things that the previous owners left you. Try so that you are surrounded by everything new. Choose wallpaper, tiles, linoleum and other finishing materials to your taste.

. Beige, yellow, brown and orange color is perfect. As for the ornament, it is better to choose lighter and more unobtrusive. If you prefer high-tech style, then sharp geometric shapes and as if screaming colors are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Lighting plays a special role. And here you should not use only crystal chandeliers with bright light, but also additional sources of muffled and soft light. It can be all kinds of floor lamps, lamps and sconces.

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Your home will seem more alive if it will have family photos, as well as children’s drawings or your own crafts. . For example, photos for photos, flower pots, napkins or tablecloths, you can do all this yourself.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that it is the fireplace that makes the house cozy and truly warm. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to purchase such a priceless thing, then do not miss your chance.

And the latter, your house must certainly be loved, because the walls have the ability to absorb the energy of the one who lives in them. And if you are constantly not enough for them, then your house will answer you the same.

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