What is the pregnancy calendar: how to use

Many women know about the calendar of pregnancy, but not many have heard about the calendar of pregnancy planning. This calendar will help those couples who, for some (not medication) reasons, cannot be conceived. The calendar of pregnancy planning or the calendar of conception of the child will make the desired reality without applying a lot of effort.

What is this calendar? . With this information, it will be possible to easily determine the most favorable days for conception. So, first of all, it is necessary to enter information about the beginning of the menstrual cycle, its ending and regularity to the calendar. Such knowledge will help to calculate the ovulation period when the egg ready for fertilization leaves the ovary. After all, only during this period you can get pregnant.

During pregnancy planning, remember that male germ cells – spermatozoa do not live for a long time. . With a regular menstrual cycle, ovulation in a woman occurs at the weeks of the cycle. . Then you need to calculate how many days between them. So, it is necessary to do for several months. And if the number of days all this months were the same, then the cycle is considered regular, if not, then your cycle is not regular.

With a regular cycle, it is very easy to find out the days favorable for conception of a child. If the cycle is irregular, then, as a rule, to calculate the cycle of a woman use ultrasound services, measure the basal temperature or with other tests.

If all the necessary information is collected, correctly calculated and interpreted, then on favorable days you can directly start the plan for the implementation of conception.  If all the calculations are correct and for a couple, three months, conception does not occur, we recommend that you contact a doctor. Do not despair, because it may not necessarily be barren. Moreover, a trip to the doctor should be mutual, because there is a possibility not only to the wives of barrenness or other problems, but also to the male. Therefore, do not be afraid and feel free to seek help from a doctor.

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