How to organize competent snacks during the day

. You can do it easily and with pleasure. Below are tips on how to lose weight quickly and painlessly. Take a rule to yourself at least a few of them, and you yourself will see for it.

. For a snack it is better to use nuts, cheese and fruits.

Competent snacks

In no case should you absorb food in front of the TV. In this way you will get 40% more calories. .

Another rule is that it is necessary to weigh every day. This will help you keep your weight under control.

Three times a week perform at least 15-minute exercises. Their complex may include push -ups, squats, attacks and swinging the press. They will help improve your well -being and raise muscle tone. .

If you notice that you often think about food, then you need to be distracted. Call, for example, a friend and discuss with her the last gossip. Thus, you will distract and even forget about food.

Absolutely all nutritionists insist that you must have breakfast tightly every day. This will help you not use a large amount of food during the day and, accordingly, lose weight faster.

Limit yourself in alcohol consumption.  After all, it contains a large number of calories.

An indispensable factor of losing weight is the use of fruits and vegetables. They do not contain fat and consist mainly of water. Use fruits twice a day.

Scientists have proven that the cause of extra pounds is chronic lack of sleep. He makes us eat more often and not sort out food. Also, a lack of sleep leads to the development of stress, and, as you know, we seize it with products, often even harmful.

And you must fantasize. Try to present yourself in perfect weight, while the picture should be thought out to the smallest detail.

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