What is shellac on the nails: features

Great manicure is an integral part of the image of every girl. .

Dream manicure for every girl holds on nails for a long time and does not crack. In fact, it turns out that no matter what a manicure made at home, it is simply doomed to a short, although a very bright life. . As a result of your life, the varnish disappears, even cracks if you covered it with a varnish fixer or resorted to the technique of sealing the nail.

What the experts of the beauty industry do not invent so that the manicure is persistent and looks fresh. First they kept repeating about acrylic nails, then – about gel extension. Now even more. A new “beast” appeared a couple of years ago – shellac. It is like a mixture of varnish and gel. . Therefore, girls are increasingly choosing shellac instead of building.

. Shellac – Salon procedure. . The coating is “grasped” only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. In appearance, the procedure is simple, although, in fact, it is very complicated.

It includes several stages. . . Each nail “dries” separately, 25 seconds. After that, colored elastic varnish is applied into one layer, drying is again produced and then the final layer of shellac. . And to soften the cuticle, oil is applied to it.

Shellac saves the nails from delamination and cracks, allows them to grow and gives them a shine. He holds on nails for up to three weeks. True, without special means of shellac can not be removed from the nails. Shellac does not contain formaldehydes. This means that he is harmless to pregnant women.

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