How to organize the first day of the birth of a child

Your baby has the first birthday! Of course, this event is so important and most memorable. It is this day of birth that many parents want to make a special and incredible. But how to make everything perfect and prevent mistakes.

. If your baby is afraid of a huge number of people’s accumulation and tolerates noisy celebrations, then in this case it is worth organizing a family dinner or dinner in the circle of the closest. And if you want to invite your friends, then this can be done another day.

It should also be taken into account in the organization of the holiday exactly when your baby was born. If in spring or summer, then go for a walk. Prepare everything for a picnic and go to the forest, especially since it is much more fun to play with sand or collect beetles than to push in a stuffy apartment.

 . But here it is worth remembering a sense of measure, since the noise of guests, fireworks and other moments of the holiday can tire the child.

To organize a big holiday, you can order a composition of balloons, invite specialists who will beautifully make an interior. .  Multi -colored flags, interior stickers, paper hearts and other decor elements look especially festive.

. Firstly, small children certainly will not master this, and secondly, after tiring cooking you will get tired so that the holiday will not be in joy. Therefore, we advise you to organize a regular buffet: children with pleasure tasting homemade ice cream, children’s cakes that can be made to order and fruits. And the latter: let every child eat what he wants and how much wants. .

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