Unique and amazing attractions of Brazil

Surely each of us knows the phrase “I am aunt Charlie, came from Brazil, where there are many, many wild monkeys in the forests”. So in our understanding this amazing and distant country of Brazil looks – impenetrable jungle with many monkeys on trees. Indeed, almost the entire territory of this country is covered with rain forests with the most amazing plants and animals, it is on its territory that one of the largest rivers of the world Amazon.

The territory of Brazil occupies more than 8 million. sq. Km., the population is about 200 million. Man, the state language-Portuguese. Brazil is a federal republic.

Tourism in this country represents various recreation options: from the most common and popular resorts to cultural and historical tourism.

The capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful and colorful city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded by the Guanabar Bay. Most of the city is located on hilly terrain and rocky mountains. Rio de Janeiro is rightfully considered a city of contrasts and, in fact, is a mini-state in the state. The poorest huts, almost without elementary amenities are located on the slopes of the rocky mountains. The city center, on the contrary, is replete with fashionable quarters and luxurious houses of the wealthy population of the city.

Rio de Janeiro is famous primarily by its famous carnivals. Guests from all over the world come to see this action. This is a unique procession that lasts several days and runs through all the streets of the city. Thanks to this, many Samba dance schools have been opened in the city, and the performance of this dance is held at the Samboodrome-Special Dance venues.

The most famous attractions of the city are the colonial churches, the monastery of San Bento, the monastery of San Antonio and the Order of the Kaputsins, the Church of the Virgin Lamedopos, named after the island of Lamedopos, as well as the Church of St. Lucia, the water in the fountain of which is considered a healing.

The unique statue of Christ the Savior is located on the top of one of the surrounding mountains and is visible from almost any place of the city. About 5 thousand people visit it every day, rising to its foot, from where an amazing view of the city and the sugar head bay, which is the hallmark of Rio de Janeiro, opens up.

In addition to the capital and its cultural program, the guests of this country will be interested in traveling in the rain forests of the Amazon, dunes and beaches of the northern and eastern regions of Brazil, the cavity of Pantanal, historical tourism in Minas-Direas and business tourism in the city of San Paulo.

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