Varieties of paints: how to choose a good product

In order to choose good paint, you first need to decide on the results that you with its help want to achieve. All hair dyes, depending on their properties, are divided into three categories: persistent, half -high and tinted. Consider each of these types in more detail.

Persistent and semi -resistant paints

Such paints are otherwise called permanent or semi -permanent. . Therefore, they help to paint the gray hair very well.

The lack of such colors is in the aggressiveness of their effects. They wash out not only a natural hair pigment, but also fats with nutrients, because of which the hair can become dry, brittle, lose their shine. To minimize these damage, manufacturers add conditioning components to such paints, but with prolonged use they are still harmful.

. They have a more gentle effect on the hair, but with their help you can acquire only a darker shade, but it will not work to lighten up.

When choosing a shade of a stance or half -stroke paint, look at a palette with hair strands: the color in the picture on the packaging may not look like it turns out in reality.

Tinted paints

Such paint, unfortunately, will not allow you to change the color radically and will not help to cope with the gray hair. But it is very well suitable for those who simply want to refresh and enhance the brightness of their natural color. The tinting paint does not contain hydrogen peroxide and almost does not contain ammonia, so it does not harm the hair. It is washed out gradually with each wash of the head, so its other advantage is the lack of sharp boundaries between dyed hair and overgrown roots.

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