How can and you can’t do a pregnant girl

The period of pregnancy of a woman is considered at the same time the most joyful and most alarming period of a woman’s life. After all, this is the happiness of the expectation of a miracle, and the fear of the unknown that leaves if the woman is surrounded by friends and relatives. But single future mothers are often subject to unreasonable fears.

First, consider what is possible and cannot be pregnant for a woman. . All these substances harm the nervous system of your future baby.

It is also impossible to do any physical work that will load your already loaded organism. Weight lifting can provoke childbirth ahead of schedule. It is also impossible to engage in those sports that can lead to a fall, but cycling is allowed to be allowed up to the sixth and seventh months.

It is also contraindicated to you, especially if you are visited by bad thoughts about the end of pregnancy.

Be sure to listen to the advice of doctors, but have a head on your shoulders. .

There are also questions about which many disputes flare up. For example, is it possible to put your leg on your leg or raise your hands up? .

But what can you do during pregnancy? First, walk. As much as you want, while it gives you joy and pleasure. Secondly, relax. Every time you get tired. Thirdly, create a pleasant atmosphere around you: Favorite music, paintings, flowers. You should also get enough sleep, and reduce the working day by an hour. While eating, remember that you eat not only for yourself, but also for the baby, which means limit the use of sweets and focus on fruits. .

But the most important thing is that you love your baby and feel the pleasure of every minute of pregnancy. After all, when the birth is left behind, you will understand that the time when your child was at a minimum distance from you, has already passed and every day a little man will grow up and moves away from you.

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