Postpartum state: what is it, features

The restoration of the postpartum state begins in the hospital. . But still, if the condition after childbirth is not comforting or stable, an extract can drag on to several days. As a rule, the midwife helps in the hospital with feeding the child and with all other concerns. If the state of the mother and the child is stable and does not require additional support, then they can be written out on the second day after childbirth. It all depends on how the birth was transferred, how difficult they were and what rehabilitation is required for mom and baby.

After discharge at home, it is necessary to follow some rules to restore the body. It is recommended to relax a lot and not indulge yourself with loads. Try to sleep as much as possible, but Sama is the main factor is food. In the diet, you should include foods rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Drink milk more and there are dairy products. This is especially useful throughout the entire breastfeeding period. It is also recommended to be less nervous and to be in moving atmospheres.

Nursing mothers should not go to discos, because all night festivities can adversely affect the psyche of a woman, and then on the quality of milk. The newborn requires quality milk of mother and sufficient quantities. .

In this case, it is necessary to treat your health even more responsible and regularly observed by the doctor. . . This should be paid to the appropriate attention in order to prevent the spread of the disease and other problems in time.

. It is worth visiting a doctor regularly and show the baby. You can also contact regular gymnastics for young mothers. At the same time, it is worth being extremely neat and not overload a rather weak body.  About such gymnastics, you can consult your doctor-genicologist.

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